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A custom calendar studio, handcrafted by Olivia Alicja Chylinski, a passionate creative, interior architect and cardboard lover. making beautiful brown paper calendars, custom cards, invitations, wedding and business stationary. 


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Living Sustainably

Olivia Chylinska

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With more attention each day towards living a sustainable life with better footprints and shopping with an educated understanding of products, its important to know where we sit currently on this matter.

Understand where you are now.

Earlier in July, Southern Cross University in Australia released their findings in a study across 913 Australians and Americans regarding humanity’s impact on the environment.

Some of the key topics included:

  • Issue by issue

  • Green aging

  • Walking the walk

  • Doing our part

  • Why we care

  • Growing conscious

  • Green life contents

  • Boycotting brands

  • Misguided sustainability

Amongst all takeways (of course there are many related to the earth and our impact), it was the sheer lack of education.

72% of respondents wanted to learn more about humanity’s impact on the environment.

Part of my ethos here is to share with you my findings on all things sustainable, how we can live more sustainably and particularly how we can be more informed shoppers. At the end of the day what we choose to spend our money on, what we choose to use and throw out, greatly affects our environmental footprint.

Here’s a snippet of the findings from Southern Cross University. The way we live was an interesting topic for me and the categories of Eco-Conscious and Not Eco-Conscious. Also what does it mean to Engage in healthy recreation?