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A custom calendar studio, handcrafted by Olivia Alicja Chylinski, a passionate creative, interior architect and cardboard lover. making beautiful brown paper calendars, custom cards, invitations, wedding and business stationary. 


A design studio specializing in customised
simple calendars made on beautiful textured paper.


Born in Sydney with Polish descent, I’m a self-confessed paper addict, maker of custom calendars and founder of 'the Brown Paper Movement' The story starts halfway during my studies of Interior Architecture and working as a candle-maker. Candle wax was always delivered crisp, beautifully textured cardboard boxes particularly of the tan coloured variety. I distinctly remember the colour and took a risk (at the time) to see if cardboard could work as a new medium to present my studio project. 

And so began, the collecting of brown cardboard boxes... which quickly transitioned into a hunt for the best brown paper. It reached March of 2010 and I still hadn't found the perfect paper/calendar nor one that started mid-year (because that's impossible right?). Excitedly, I created my new template and the idea was born. 


O L I V I A    A L I C J A    C H Y L I N S K I



All stationery goods are Copenhagen based, designed, printed and assembled in-house. The ‘movement’ is growing daily, with new retailers across the world. The range too is constantly expanding with brown paper and year planning at the focus. 

Today, 'the Brown Paper Movement' makes and ships calendars all year round and worldwide, from Auckland to Iceland. It’s your year I help you create. 

In both life and work, my approach is built on the idea that one’s connection with spaces and products are immensely powerful tools to design life.

To keep in touch with a visual plethora of imagery visit @thebrownpapermovement, or go get yourself a calendar if you haven't got one yet!



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